The first meeting took place on 8th September 2017 in Freiburg, under the initiative of Yinchun Bai, Isabelle Gauer and Jana Werner (see panel program here). The purpose of the panel was to provide a platform for junior researchers to be informed of the development in the working field, to exchange project ideas and methodologies, and to work towards the establishment of a junior researcher network within ILLA.

To present the research topics, the participants were asked to give short lightning talks – 5-minute presentations of the individual research projects in terms of their topic, methodology, and hypotheses/results. Additionally, mini-posters (in relation to the talks) were put up for the duration of the conference. You can find the online gallery with the mini-posters below.
Linda Pfister received the prize for the most promising project (voted by the participants of the panel). Congratulations!

If you would like to have more information on what was discussed during the panel and how it was connected to the main conference, please have a look at the panel report [coming soon].

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Sofiya Kartalova (Tübingen, Germany):
The strategic value of ambiguity for the authority of EU law in the dialogue between the European Court of Justice and the national courts





Alina Busila (Chişinău, Moldova; Brno, Czech Republic):
English – as the worst language choice for legal communication in the EU


Irene Otero Fernández (Florence, Italy):
Multilingualism and the meaning of EU law



Milan Potočár (Bratislava, Slovakia):
The automatized evaluation of the legal translation between smaller languages


Jie Yang (Beijing, China):
On the Accuracy of the Courtroom Interpreting in China



Shaoqing Li (Beijing, China):
On Pragmatic Enrichment of Legal Translation


Daniel Benrath (Freiburg, Germany):
Using legal analysis as a tool for linguistic research in illocutionary acts



Ruta Liepina (Florence, Italy):
Language of causation - a case study

Linda Pfister (Uppsala, Sweden):
Identity Proof in Final Asylum Decisions: It matters who Children are 'written' to be



Gatitu Kiguru (Nairobi, Kenya):
‘Hearing’ persons with communication disabilities in courts


Cristina Blanco Garcia (Santiago de Compostela, Spain):
Annotating the Corpus of Historical English Law Reports 1535-1999



Aza Gleichmann (Greifswald, Germany):
A sociologic orientated linguistic analysis of the constitution of knowledge about public broadcasting fees


Katja Dobrić Basaneže (Rijeka, Croatia):
Translating Extended Term-Embedding Collocations in Contracts