March 30th and 31st 2022, Dijon, France

Venue: University of Burgundy

Languages: English, French

Contact Persons: Vince Liégeois (Vince.Liegeois[at], Laurent Gautier (Laurent.Gautier[at]

Subjects: Linguistics, legal theory, philosophy, history, translation studies and semiotics


The translation of legal texts is a traditional topic within both legal linguistic and translation theory, which, moreover, often enjoys the interest of legal scholars as well. Much of the current research in this area deals with the translation of international law texts, like those provided by the UN and the EU. However, the foundations of legal translation science are not found here, but in multilingual countries like Canada and Switzerland.

Interest in this second type of legal translations is, however, more limited and more country-exclusive since the understanding of the specific translation processes often presumes a certain knowledge about the legal system and institutions of these countries. Consequently, we aim to bring together multidisciplinary insights in legal translation within three such multilingual countries: Belgium (Dutch – French – German), Switzerland (German – French – Italian) and Canada (English – French).

Accordingly, in light of a research project on legal translation policy in Belgium with the universities of Dijon, Leuven and Mainz-Germersheim, we would like to invite academics working with legal translations in Belgium, Switzerland and Canada to present their research on our workshop, which will be held from March 30 to March 31 in Dijon, France (University of Burgundy). We welcome contributions from different scientific fields: linguistics, legal theory, philosophy, history, translation studies and semiotics.

Each speaker gets allowed 40-minutes for a presentation, with at least 10 minutes being meant for comments and questions from the public. The languages of the conference will be English and French. Speakers are asked to provide a PowerPoint-presentation and are highly encouraged to provide supplementary handouts for the audience.

Please send your abstract – in English or French – to Vince.Liegeois[at] by February 14. Abstract need to be between 300 and 500 words (references not included). All abstracts will be peer-reviewed. Feedback (acceptance/refusal of abstracts) will be handed out on February 21.