Call for Papers - Junior Researcher Panel

See the detailed Call for Papers here.

This panel aims to provide a platform for junior researchers to be informed of the development in the working field, to exchange project ideas and methodologies, and to work towards the establishment of a junior researcher network within ILLA. We welcome junior scholars, including doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers, in the field of legal linguistics or any language and law-related subjects.

If you are interested and would like to join our initiative and contribute to the panel, please send your paper title and abstract (max. 500 words excluding references, in PDF format) along with your name and institutional affiliation via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 28 February 15 March 2017 (extended Deadline).

If you have any questions, please contact the panel organization office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Call for Panels and Call for Papers

Conceptualized as a small-scale event that facilitates interpersonal contact and interaction, the first  international ILLA-Conference is designed to host high-quality presentations of original research. The conference invites papers on all aspects of legal linguistics, including (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • Semiotics, semantics and pragmatics of law
  • Legislation and linguistics of norm genesis
  • Multilingualism and law
  • Philosophical perspectives on language and law
  • Language and law in a diachronic and/or culturally comparative perspective
  • Law in the context of computer-mediated communication
  • Educational aspects of legal linguistics
  • Language theories in law and linguistic theories of law
  • Discourse and power in the courtroom
  • Forensic Linguistics
  • Qualitative and computer-assisted quantitative methods in legal linguistics

Individual contributors are expected to submit an extended abstract with 800–1000 words with title, theoretical background, research questions, methodological approach and main hypotheses.

We also invite panel proposals under a particular topic. Prospective panel chairs should propose a question, problem or theme which is important or disputative, and which may have particular relevance to the overall theme of the conference. The focus may be content-related or methodological.

The Scientific Committee particularly encourages panel proposals that will actively generate high-quality, lively and critical dialogue between participants. As such, chairs and convenors should give thought to the format of their panel. Below are suggestions for panel formats (it is possible to combine a number of these formats within one panel):

  • Traditional approach: 3–4 papers / talks with discussion.
  • Plenary session: the panel convenor invites 3 or 4 participants to reflect on and respond to a given question or topic based on their own researches, with an opportunity for questions and answers from wider conference participants.
  • Provocation session: panel members respond to 2–3 challenges or puzzles related to their research, which are posed by a facilitator, leading to a wider discussion with all participants in the panel.
  • Themed discussion: the panel convenor identifies 3 or 4 people developing a specific theme of study, and structures the panel around 2 key questions. Each half of the panel is devoted to each question, with each participant invited to make a 5-minute statement, followed by discussion.
  • Methodology workshop: the panel convenor invites 3 or 4 papers / talks employing particular research methods or approaches, or holds an open session where all participants in the panel contribute to the analysis and discussion of 3 or 4 methodological issues.
  • 'Meet the Author', in which one or two books/well-cited articles written by different authors are analysed by panel members, and the authors respond and stimulate a debate.

For panel proposals, please submit a proposal words including the abstract about the frame topic (1000–1500 words), panel format (100 words), and the titles as well as the abstracts (each about 500-800 words) of the planned talks with name(s), affiliation(s) and contact e-mail address(es).

Call for Posters

Last but not least, we call for posters. Please submit abstracts with 350–400 words including title, theoretical background, research questions, methodological approach and main hypotheses.

Submission and Deadline

All abstracts have to be submitted by a registration form (Conference Management Tool). This form is now online.

The extended deadline for all submissions of abstracts is October 15th, 2016 August 31st, 2016


All papers have to follow the stylesheet:

  • Text structure:
    • Title, Subtitle (if necessary)
    • Text: introduction, main questions, research to date, resources and methods, hypotheses, summary
  • Use the APA citation style (6th edition)
  • Please remove all author information (guide)
  • Only PDF-files are accepted